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More Exposure for BE THE SOLUTION

Outside Lander, WY

You may have noticed one or more of the 14 BE THE SOLUTION billboards as you have driven throughout Wyoming this past month. Additionally, you can expect to hear more about BE THE SOLUTION as radio ads will be airing on WyoPreps, Wyoming Travel Network, and Wyoming Business Report networks over the course of the next few months. The purpose of the billboards and radio ads are to contribute to the dosage of the BE THE SOLUTION learn about it. talk about it. change it. message through increased exposure throughout Wyoming. Sufficient dosage is one principle of an effective prevention program, but it is up to individuals and communities to enhance the message by opening up a dialogue about BE THE SOLUTION. Take advantage of the billboards and radio ads to engage in meaningful conversations with your family, friends, neighbors and other community members about primary prevention of sexual violence in Wyoming. Take the time to learn about sexual violence, talk about it and change it so that preventing sexual violence becomes the norm in your community and Wyoming.

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