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You are the solution when you talk about sexual violence and take a stand against it.


  • Call out others when they make or laugh at sexist jokes;



















Keep learning about sexual violence, bring the problem up in conversations and challenge values that create unhealthy behaviors.


You can lead the change.


   Sometimes we do not realize that the language we use is harmful.  Other times we are too afraid to call someone out when they make a joke that is harmful, because we do not want to be the outcast.  The bystander effect is a societal phenomenon where people are reluctant to help another person when there are other people around.  One reason for this behavior is the perceived diffusion of responsibility, in which a person does not feel the need to intervene because there are others there that can, or will.  The other reason a person may not intervene is that the actions, or inactions, of others influence how an individual will respond.  Click here to learn more about being an active bystander to prevent sexual violence.  

    So, if you are safe and able, speak up when you hear a sexist joke, and explain that the joke normalizes inequality and sexual violence.  Chances are others in the group feel the same way.  If not you, who will?


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