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According to the CDC, gender-based violence is preventable. A number of factors may increase or decrease the risk of perpetrating and experiencing gender-based violence. To prevent it, we must understand and address the factors that put people at risk for, or protect them, from violence. Promoting healthy, respectful, and nonviolent relationships and communities can help reduce the occurrence of gender-based violence. It also can prevent the harmful and long-lasting effects of gender-based violence on individuals, families, and communities.


Gender-based violence has always been difficult to discuss because of the stigmas attached to it. However, the more open, honest conversations we have about gender-based violence and how to prevent it, we begin to make these difficult discussions more comfortable and acceptable in our communities.

​Have one-on-one conversations about which of our values contribute to gender-based violence and which values prevent it.


We can talk about:


  • Why phrases like "boys will be boys" and "you throw like a girl" are harmful;



  • How gender-based violence affects our community.

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