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What is Healthy Sexuality?


   The National Sexual Violence Resource Center (NSVRC) defines healthy sexuality as “having the knowledge and power to express sexuality in ways that enrich one’s life.  It includes approaching sexual interactions and relationships from a perspective that is consensual, respectful and informed.  Healthy sexuality is free from coercion and violence.”  When children learn about healthy sexuality at a young age, they have a greater potential to engage in healthy relationships and behaviors throughout their lifetime, and gain a better understanding of being agents of their own bodies, needs and desires.  See the NSVRC’s full article on healthy sexuality and sexual violence prevention here


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  • The WCADVSA has assembled a Children's Literacy List of books that support the emotional and social development of children by encouraging children to respect others and challenge ‘traditional’ gender stereotypes.  Consider using these children's books to engage in dialogue with children about healthy sexuality and respect.  





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