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Tools for Change and Action Steps for Your Community Utilizing the Spectrum of Prevention

   The Spectrum of Prevention is a comprehensive strategy tool that can be used to prevent violence.  Each of the six (6) strategy levels are considered an intervention, but when used together, the Spectrum becomes a more effective force to prevent sexual violence.  Check out Sexual Violence and the Spectrum of Prevention: Towards a Community Solution for more information and examples.  



Strengthening Individual Knowledge and Skills*

  • Enhancing an individual's capability of preventing violence and promoting safety


Action Steps: Take the time to learn about healthy sexuality and how it relates to preventing sexual violence and pass that knowledge onto the next generation.



Explore our Communicating with Children about Healthy Sexuality tips and talking points for parents and guardians, and consider using books on the Children's Literacy List to engage your children in conversation.




Promoting Community Education

  • Reaching groups of people with information and resources to prevent violence and promote safety


Action Steps:  Use community events as an opportunity to promote primary prevention of sexual violence.



Complete this Resource Table Request Form to share BE THE SOLUTION at local events and consider using these Suggested Social Media Posts to spread the campaign message.  Use the products to engage individuals and groups in conversation about primary prevention of sexual violence.




Educating Providers

  • Informing providers who will transmit skills and knowledge to others and model positive norms


Action Steps: Use BE THE SOLUTION and its products, as a tool to educate local business ownders about sexual violence and how to prevent it from happening in the first place.  


BE THE SOLUTION Tools: After taking the time to talk about sexual violence prevention with members of your community, you can use this Informational Card Pop-up that explains the BE THE SOLUTION campaign to display where products are available in your community and to show community support. 




 Fostering Coalitions and Networks

  • Bringing together groups and individuals for broader goals and greater impact


Action Steps: BE THE SOLUTION can be a starting point to building and strengthening relationships with other organizations.


BE THE SOLUTION Tools: Look through this Communications Plan to understand more about how BE THE SOLUTION will be most effective when it is used in collaborations with other organizations and individuals.  Form a group of thoughtful committed citizens in your community to discuss sexual violence prevention and take action to make prevention the norm.  




Changing Organizational Practices

  • Adopting regulations and shaping norms to prevent violence and improve safety


Action Steps: Take the time to assess the regulations and practices of your program, organization or school, and make changes so that they are in alignment with ending sexual violence.  Making your organization an example for others, helps raise awareness and affect social norms related to sexual violence.


BE THE SOLUTION Tools:  Use this Self-Assessment of Organizational Readiness for Primary Prevention of Violence to evaluate your organizational regulations, practices and structure.




Influencing Policy and Legislation

  • Enacting laws and policies that support healthy community norms and violence-free society


Action Steps: Send a letters to your legislators, letting them know that you are concerned about sexual violence in your community, and that you would like to see action to prevent it from happening in the first place.  Take the time to follow up with your legislator after sending the letter to provide as well.  


BE THE SOLUTION Tools: Use this Sample Letter to Legislator and add statistics from your community and/or your personal experiences.  Follow up with your legislator to further discuss your concerns and ideas for prevention in your community.




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*Spectrum of Prevention definitions from Sexual Violence and the Spectrum of Prevention: Towards a Community Solution and can be found at

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