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​Have one-on-one conversations about which of our values contribute to sexual violence and which values prevent it.


We can talk about:

  • Healthy relationships and sexuality with our youth, and have these conversations early on and often;






















   It is important for all children to understand what healthy relationships look like, and the best way to teach them is by practicing healthy relationship behaviors in our own lives. This may consist of showing respect in our own relationships, not allowing harmful comments, and rejecting socialized gender norms.
   All children eventually learn about sexuality.  As parents or guardians we can start having conversations about healthy sexuality with our children early and often so they learn correct information and healthy attitudes. We can teach them from a young age that respect and consent promote a healthy foundation for relationships and development.

   When children learn about healthy sexuality at a young age, they have a greater potential to engage in healthy relationships and behaviors.  By talking to our children, we are not only developing our relationships with them, but we are teaching them to be agents of their own bodies, needs and desires.  Find out more about healthy sexuality and sexual violence prevention by clicking here.



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