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​Have one-on-one conversations about which of our values contribute to sexual violence and which values prevent it.


We can talk about:




  • How gender-based violence affects our community.

Anchor 5

   Some people believe that gender-based violence does not happen in their community, or that it only impacts the individuals involved. Sexual violence, domestic violence, and stalking has been described as a silent epidemic; for instance, there is a disparity in the number of sexual reported and the number of sexual assaults that occur leading people to believe sexual violence is not a problem in their community.  The National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey (NISVS) determines that sexual violence is a widespread problem in our country and in our state.  
    Gender-based violence impacts more than the survivor; it tears at the fabric of community well-being.  With the knowledge that these acts of violence oftentimes are not reported, consider that some of your neighbors, friends or family members may be coping with gender-based violence at this moment. Think about how we can make our communities an accepting environment for survivors and a safe home that will not tolerate gender-based violence is any way.  Check out the NISVS 2017 Fact Sheet here


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